Bob's van in Chief Hosa Campground in 1983

Meet recently self published Author Jim Daley

Nebraska Breakfast stop in our ride...

This book is a timeline of my adventures following the Grateful Dead on tour in the 80's. Take the journey with me as I travel across the country to see shows with my friends and tape the concerts along the way.

  I begin with the legendary concert in Englishtown, New Jersey in 1977 when I was only 15 years old. I take the reader with me to every show I went to, and provide my personal perspective of the scene as it "exploded" as their late 80's hit, Touch of Grey took off, causing crazy excitement, while changing the vibe of the tour and making it sometimes impossible for the band to return to certain venues. 

  I also share my stories of personal encounters with band members I've had over the ten year period. Join me.

‚ÄčGrateful Memories; Ten Years on the Road Taping the Dead has been a labor of love for me. It has taken 8 years from concept to publish. Finding my ticket stubs stashed away in a photo album gave me the inspiration to tell the story, as I held each ticket in my hands again. With a lot of help from a few close friends and the incredible land of internet surf, I was able to piece my story together, slow but sure. Enjoy the ride as I did. Below is my friend Bob Smith's van. This was our ride. Picture was taken in Nebraska on our way to Red Rocks in 1983